Deciding To Keep Or Let Go Of Things When Moving

Deciding To Keep Or Let Go Of Things When Moving

Rebecca Orlov
Jan 14, 2010

Moving is often a bittersweet experience that can stir a lot of emotions. On one end, you are embracing change and trying something new and on the other, you are packing up a period of time. For many of people, the moving process is a chance to go through one's collected home life and hold solo-debates about the value and worth of an object. Here are some tips to consider to get you through this process when moving.

1) Schedule your move in phases and over time. Consider taking the 3 weekends before you need to pack to get organized. Phase 1 can be going through your things and deciding what to keep, phase 2 can be deciding about the maybe items and phase 3 can be preparing to pack. By giving yourself time and space to decide what you have and what you want will make the entire process easier.

2) If you haven't used the item, product or piece in well over a year then consider letting it go. Storing things year after year in a closet may not be worth it to you, creating storage issues and clutter. Really think about the product's worth. i.e. is it worth it to you to have potential storage issues or will you use the piece?

3) We've mentioned "the box of stuff" that you lug around from apartment to apartment but never really open before. Open it, go through it and decide if you need anything in there. If not, let it go.

4) If you know that your new home is smaller then the one you are leaving, consider letting go of the pieces of furniture that just won't fit. If you keep it, all you are doing is creating storage issues and that may get frustrating. Maybe you can lend the piece to a friend for a year or so (hey, free storage and a win-win for you and your friend!) or donate it and get a new lovely piece that will fit.

5) If the piece or item is a family heirloom but not really your style, still keep it. Maybe you can update the piece to make it feel fresh while keeping the integrity of it. Ask your family what they think and enjoy a little DIY in your new space.

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