Best Toothbrushes: Style + Substance

Best Toothbrushes: Style + Substance

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 2, 2015
$5-40 (plastic/metal/manual/electric) with optional sign up for a refill plan​

For something you use several times a day, most of us don't give much thought to which toothbrush we buy. Let me tell you, there's a whole world of toothbrushes beyond the oral care aisle of the drugstore. Here are some of the most beautiful, stylish, eco-friendly and socially-conscious toothbrushes out there if you're ready to up your morning and nighttime routines.

Quip Toothbrush (above)

With the tagline "founded by designers, endorsed by dentists," Quip is trying to solve the problems around poor oral care with design. Brush heads are small to be able to reach the back of the mouth, bristles are on the soft end of the spectrum as recommended by dentists and each brush has a removable head so it can be replaced without replacing the whole brush. They offer a refill program so a new brush head is delivered right to your home when it's time.
(Image credit: The Goodwell Company)

"A modern toolkit for your mouth." This brush is the Swiss army knife of toothbrushes with one handle to accommodate a brush, flosser or tongue scraper. The end unscrews so you can stow a few toothpicks or some pills right in your brush. And, coming soon, a data tracker insert and app. The brush bristles use Binchotan fibers to remove plaque and keep bad breath in check. On the eco-front, the bamboo-composite attachments are compostable.

(Image credit: Izola)

With a simple, almost old fashioned look, Izola offers toothbrush sets with sustainable bamboo handles. Each box set has a different theme: "Months" has abbreviations for 3 months on each handle so you're reminded when it's time to change to a new one. "Numerals" has a number on each handle to help family members keep track their brush. "Reflections" brushes each have a positive word to encourage a positive habit. And "Guest" sets provide designated brushes for your visitors.

(Image credit: Ernest Supplies)

A fashionable toothbrush that's also eco-friendly with a handle made from biodegradable, renewable bamboo. The bristles (medium softness) are infused with bacteria-fighting charcoal.

(Image credit: WooBamboo)

Another entry in the bamboo department, the company encourages you to compost the handle when you're done ("when you’re done using your Woo Bamboo toothbrush, you could literally pull out and recycle the bristles, and throw the handle into your compost where it will gently biodegrade.) They offer two handles for adults (standard or slim) as well as brushes sized for children and pets.

(Image credit: nano-b)

Feeling fancy? The nano-b uses properties of gold and silver to class up your brushing routine. What am I talking about? I'll let the company explain: "All of the bristles of Nano-b Silver are integrated with genuine silver nano-particles that kill up to 99.9% of all bacteria on your toothbrush. Half of the bristles of Nano-b Charcoal & Gold are integrated with genuine gold nano-particles. The other half is integrated with bamboo charcoal particles. Gold keeps your toothbrush clean by inhibiting bacteria growth (just like silver), while bamboo charcoal has natural absorbing and teeth whitening properties." So there you have it.

(Image credit:

A toothbrush that puts your money where your mouth is. Each handle is made from a recycled material - flax, wood or US dollar bills (not kidding!) with a discardable head. These brush heads are full - 65% more tufts than regular toothbrushes. And, the handles are designed to be reversible for both right and left-handed brushing.

(Image credit: Yumaki)

Reminiscent of the limited-edition sneaker culture, Yumaki releases new collections each year including some very limited-edition designs (including a annual reggae-themed brush). The brushes are a global collaboration: designed by a Scandinavian company and manufactured by a Japanese company in Vietnam. The brush handles are made from recyclable PP material and bamboo and the company runs a mail-in recycling program. Yumaki brushes can be purchased directly and shipped anywhere in the world.
(Image credit: Preserve)

Preserve has been in the eco-friendly toothbrush game for a long time now and has branched out to other products like razors, cups and bowls and cutlery. The brush handles are made from recycled yogurt containers and if your community doesn't support recycling the handles, the company offers a mail-in recycling service. You can buy a single brush or a subscription. I often see Preserve brushes for sale at health food stores and Whole Foods so you may be able to find them locally without ordering online.

(Image credit: Smile Squared)

Committed to both clean teeth and giving back, Smile Squared gets a brush into the hands of a child in need around the world for every brush you purchase. The bamboo brushes are packaged in recycled cardboard and the plastic version is made in the U.S.A.

(Image credit: Bogo Brush)

  • Bogo Brush - available soon (in a different design than shown)

File under "one to watch": After selling out of their initial run, Bogo Brush is working out a few kinks and relaunching soon. Not only is the company eco-minded, but socially-minded, too. Each purchase supports the donation of a brush to someone in need.

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