Best Nostalgic TV Homes
Sarah Coffey
Dec 7, 2009

Last week we wrote about the Huxtable House, a TV home that always seemed warm and welcoming to us. Apartment Therapy readers chimed in with their favorite nostalgic sitcom sets. The most popular TV home, according to the comments, was…

…the Golden Girls! People described it as "soothing," "comfy," and "a trip!" Close runners-up included the Brady Bunch house with its swanky 70s style and the Tanner's San Francisco Victorian from Full House. Here are a few clips from the comments:

  • 1) The Golden Girls: OK, I'll admit it - my favorite TV home has ALWAYS been the one on "The Golden Girls." It has absolutely no connection to my own style of decorating, but it always seemed so warm, welcoming, comfy and completely unpretentious. - londonverve
  • 2) The Brady Bunch: I thought it was so cool, and embraced the '70s modernist design aesthetic (some of the furniture could have been more so). Orange formica sends me... - mschatelaine
  • 3) The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Mary Richard's studio apartment in Minneapolis (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) had the tiny kitchen and the pull-down stained glass partition. - Lori
  • 4) Clarissa Explains It All: Here's another vote for Clarissa's bedroom. She was so artsy! - rexrayfan
  • 5) Bewitched: I loved the Bewitched house, with the open staircase, the huge fireplace wall, and the patio doors to the backyard (not to mention the cool oven). - newdiyer
  • 6) Friends: My favorite TV home is Monica's apartment in Friends. I can never get enough of looking at it...I love a lot of other interiors in TV shows but I think that one just makes me the happiest. - Astur
  • 7) Full House: I loved that their renovations and add-ons were part of the story, and the house grew and changed with the family. - gnilrep
  • 8) The Gilmore Girls: Lorelei's house on Gilmore Girls is, I think, my ideal home. I love the exterior shots and just the cozy feel of the whole place and all their quirky accessories. - mam2321
  • 9) I Dream of Jeannie: In I Dream of Jeanie, I don't remember his house, but I LOVED the interior of her genie bottle! I spent hours fantasizing over it - having that cozy little space full of pillows. - livc
  • 10) The Fresh Prince of Bel Air: That house was great: the huge kitchen with the built-in bench/breakfast nook, the pool house, that ginormous staircase in the living room. - ccarbot

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