Twitter Is Eager to Share Their Favorite TV Show Lines and We’re On Board

published Aug 21, 2019
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Twitter is blowing up the hashtag #BestTVShowLineEver, and the collective offerings include some glorious quotes. We get it: when you’re passionate about a TV show, you want to flaunt it with the best line!

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We took a look and found some golden nuggets for your psyche so that you don’t have to weed through the perplexing mass of “South Park” quotes (you’re welcome). So sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy a few of our favorites from the selection thus far.

Ah, Twitter. The place where we go to find self-help gems for the day, like this handy line from “SNL.”

That’s the thing about having the time of your life, right? You don’t always know you’re having it while you’re having it. Pay attention!

TV shows aren’t just mindless recreation! Some of them are here to remind everyone that integrity is a thing and it matters. 

We see you, fellow workaholics. But for real: weekends exist and you probably need a couple days of rest if you’ve forgotten what a weekend is.

“Star Trek” got a lot of things right, including this: doing things well is a noble and worthy pursuit, but it doesn’t ensure getting what you want.

In a world of infinite complexity and nuance, there is also truth. As “The X-Files” taught us, it can sometimes be stranger than fiction. 

Mr. Rogers said so many things so well that it’s difficult to pick a quote, but this one is good to remember: if you look for the helpers, you will find them. 

Sure, the context might be a little off considering the narrative of “Breaking Bad” and the plot surrounding this particular quote, but also: persist in your pursuits, readers! Don’t let anything stop your train! (Unless you’re engaging in nefarious activities that could put others at risk—then you might want to get off that train.)