3 Excellent Under-the-Bed Storage Bins With 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

updated Feb 2, 2021
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For a long time, I was in denial about the fact that the space beneath my bed was a black hole.

I had every intention of pulling out that stack of sweaters and replacing it with summer frocks and vice versa, but the reality was this: Once an item went under the bed, it was gone for good. Or, on the off chance I did remember that box of scarves or tangled ball of bikinis, the combination of dust, dirt, and all the other nasty stuff that ends up under the bed made what I retrieved unappealing (at best).

All of this is to say that if you are going to store things under the bed, you should do it right. I.e., you should not stuff everything you own in an XXL IKEA bag that barely fits under the bed frame, and hope for the best (no judgement).

Luckily for all of us, though, there are some great under-the-bed storage options that are efficient, practical, and affordable. Here are three of the best-reviewed options on Amazon. 

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A whopping 96 percent of reviewers gave these storage containers 5 stars, praising them for their convenience (they're collapsible) and their sturdiness.

One reviewer writes, “I LOVE these drawers. I went through 2 other options of the flimsy drawers that just collapse when you have items in them and everything spills out. These have a sturdy bottom and sturdy sides and keep all contents inside under the bed and nothing falls over or spills out when sliding.” 

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The major benefit of these under-the-bed storage containers is that they are really, really affordable. This, of course, means you are sacrificing a bit of quality, but if you’re on a budget or looking for the most bang for your buck, these are worth considering.

As one customer wrote, “These seemed ideal due to the size and ratings, plus for the price it's hard to pass by. I was a little disappointed to see there was nothing to hold the sides up or on the bottom besides the material itself, which is a bit flimsy. I do really like the fact that it has a zipper to close to prevent dust and spiders from getting in. Overall, it serves its purpose and fits under my bed nicely.”

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If you’re looking for storage containers that fit under your bed, but still allows you organize your clothing, this storageLAB option is for you. This organizer can fit up to 24 pairs of shoes if you use it that way, but you could also get creative and use it to store winter accessories like scarves, hats, and mittens, and even other household items like books.