The Best Under-Sink Organizers for the Bathroom and Kitchen

updated Mar 26, 2024
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Joan's kitchen.
Credit: Leela Cyd

When it comes to making the most of spaces big and small, proper organization is key. The right methods (and gear) can easily transform a tiny kitchen into a workhorse workspace that’s able to hold its own against even the most chaotic home chef. While we all have different pain points in our home (Hi, I’m Alyssa and I hate my utensil drawer!), there are certain spots that are more prone to chaos than others. One such spot? The catch-all cabinet under your kitchen or bathroom sink.

For most of us, under-the-sink cabinets are home to a variety of useful (but messy) goodies, such as trash bags, cleaning supplies, and other random accessories (think: reusable shopping bags, beauty products, and even the rogue flashlight or fire extinguisher). Basically, a ton of stuff that needs a bit of order brought to it. The good news? There are a slew of useful products on the market designed to do just that, organizing your under-sink area in a way that makes it easier to navigate and more spacious to store more items. Below, we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite under-sink organizers, starting at just $10.

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There’s a reason this set is currently the top-selling under-sink organizer on Amazon. Its L-shaped design with a smaller top fits around plumbing, and the spacious bottom portion can accommodate taller cleaning bottles. You can slide out the drawer for quick and easy access too, and it can support an impressive 50 pounds. The cherry on top is that you can put one in your kitchen and the other in your bathroom, tackling all of your organizing needs in one go.

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was $24.99

Wrangle all of your cleaning supplies with this AT-loved customizable caddy. Its dividers are adjustable, so it’ll fit anything. “Spray bottles, sponges, brushes, scrubbers, microfiber cloths, and more were all consolidated in a single organizer that I could move around the apartment as needed,” Best List editor Britt said. “Best of all, it wasn’t a pain to lift despite it being full of full-size cleaners!”

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was $17.99

Cleaning and organizing editor Stephanie’s under-sink area is dominated by a bulky water filtration system. She always thought that the remaining open area was too small for an organizer — until she came across this narrow one from Madesmart. “It has been so useful to have in my kitchen to hold onto extra cleaning supplies, but I can also see it being used in the bathroom to hold medicine or beauty products or even in the office to hold onto office items,” she wrote.

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One of the cardinal rules of taking advantage of tight cabinets is making the most of your vertical space. This double-tier under-sink organizer helps you do just that, with a sleek minimalistic design that isn't totally unsightly, either. The spacious top shelf is stationary, but the base pulls out like a drawer, allowing you quick access to whatever you choose to store within (there's also a small cup at the front for a sponge or cleaning gloves). The best part? The durable material is rust-proof and wipeable, so you'll be able to rely on this piece for years to come.

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was $29.97

This genius metal rack is perfect for under the sink, thanks to its slim profile and clever design, which fits seamlessly around the plumbing below your kitchen sink. The frame itself extends from 15" to 25" wide, with shelves that can change location and are wide enough to house everything from extra sponges to bottles of Branch Basics.

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No towel rack? No problem! This adhesive towel bar mounts perfectly to the inside of your cabinet door as a way to hold dish and hand towels right within reach. But that's not its only use! Pair it with S-hooks to hang lesser-used cooking utensils or hook the trigger of spray bottles over it to keep them from clogging up the rest of your cabinet.

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If you're someone who prefers to keep their cleaning supplies in a portable carrier, this next pick is for you. Conveniently designed with an arching handle that will seamlessly avoid your under-sink plum, this double-decker caddy touts ample room for your favorite cleaning supplies, as well as paper goods, rags, sponges, and anything else you deem a necessity. You'll love being able to find everything at a glance—and feel like a true professional when you tote it out for your Wednesday night kitchen wipedown.

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While tension rods might not be the first thing you think of to organize under your sink, we’re here to explain why you need them. These babies are supremely practical, with the ability to create a rack, hang cleaning supplies, and more. This pack of six is a great way to corral spray bottles on a budget.

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Williams Sonoma

Starting from scratch with your organizational efforts? Your best bet is to invest in a comprehensive set, like this duo from Williams Sonoma. The durable and roomy pair combines some genius features, like easy-roll wheels and a rotation that will keep everything right within reach when you need it — and totally organized for when you don't. The addition of non-slip feet keeps both organizers in place no matter how chaotically you go diving for spray during your next sauce spill.

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While marketed as makeup organizers, these clear plastic drawers really have a myriad of uses that would make them just as helpful under your kitchen sink. Made from crystal-clear BPA-free plastic, this duo is made to house any bite-sized essentials, like dishwasher pods or Keurig cups. They stack seamlessly (and securely) atop one another and boast easy-glide drawers that make fetching the contents within super easy.

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The Container Store

This clever under-sink organizer from The Container Store is basically a choose-your-own-adventure design, flexing seamlessly between 17 inches wide and 27 inches wide. The left side of the piece has two pull-out bins, each with tall sides that will keep bottles from toppling over. Wire sides can be accented with hooks for additional storage opportunities.

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Attached to the cabinet wall via Command strips, this space-saving organizer holds up to 10 pounds, so it’ll easily support all of your most-used cleaning supplies, hair tools, or anything else that lives under your sink. ​​”I found the caddies were *just* wide and deep enough to be useful without impeding my ability to fully close the cabinet door or store other tall cleaners beneath the sink,” AT contributor Ashley said.

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When cabinet space is at a premium, the last thing you want to do is choose an organizer that adds extra bulk and monopolized precious available room. That's where this Target tiered organizer comes in. The metal frame and shelves are ultra-thin, helping you keep things in order without taking up too much space. The tall shape is handy for making the most of slim spaces, and if you're not afraid of a bit of drilling, the whole thing can be slid in and out as needed.

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The Container Store

This Container Store find offers removable dividers, a handle for seamless transport, and stackability if you decide to grab more than one. It really can go everywhere in your home (hence its name), though senior commerce editor Alicia uses it to hold her beauty products under the bathroom sink.

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was $34.99

This ingenious YouCopia item hooks onto the back of the cabinet door, making all of your dishwasher pods accessible and freeing up more space. It offers a tray on top to hold your sponges and brushes, too. AT contributor Meg swears by it.