Keep Your Covid-19 Vaccine Card Safe With These 9 (Super Affordable!) Card Holders

published Jun 7, 2021
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pink vaccine card holder
Credit: Amazon

If you’ve been vaccinated (or are in the process of it), you know that your vaccine card basically feels like a return-to-normalcy golden ticket. Yes, you’ve just done your part to stay healthy and prevent the spread of Covid-19 — a fulfilling act on its own, obviously. But, that little piece of paper holds the power to unlock all kinds of rewards, like the occasional free food, maskless workout classes, and the hope of future international getaways. 

That’s why I’ve genuinely lost sleep over the thought of losing my card — it’s small, so it’s really not unheard of. Of course, I’ve taken a photo of it to have on my phone for backup (as I’d advise you all to do, too), but the thought of somehow not having my physical copy feels like the equivalent of misplacing my birth certificate. It’s something I’d like to avoid at all costs.

If you share my same fear and/or need a safer storage spot than a back pocket or the depths of your purse, there’s an entire market of inexpensive vaccine card holders out there. Amazon carries plenty of clear plastic covers, some of which you can buy in bulk. Or, you can think of this purchase like a phone case — it’s protective, but can also be a little bit stylish. Etsy has you covered on that end, with passport-inspired finds. They’re all easy to pop out, too, in case the card needs to be written on for future boosters.

Don’t miss your shot (had to) at keeping your vaccine card safe and sound (and clean!) 24/7. Side note: Make sure you measure the card before buying, too, since sizes may vary by state.

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Buy in bulk for your family or roommates with these bestselling, waterproof covers. You can also get up to a set of 20 (for less than $15!) to gift your squad.

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You get the best of both worlds with this case: There’s a waterproof sleeve to slide your card into, plus a cute fabric cover (in your choice of pattern) with buttons and a small lanyard. Bonus: It even comes with lost and found cards to fill out your info in case you do actually lose it.

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Post-pandemic Father’s Day gift, anyone? Choose from one of nine colors, plus the option to customize it with initials on the back. For a few extra dollars, add on a strap or carabiner clip for safekeeping.

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It’s protective…and pink. You can actually grab your favorite hue (loving the light blue, too), or a clear case. Either way, there’s a slot for attaching a lanyard or keychain so it doesn't get lost.

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Coffee enthusiasts, this one’s for you! This cheeky holder, available in black or olive, boasts darling needlepoint details and an ode to the real 2021 MVPs.

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This Etsy shop has cool patterned card holders galore, but I'm obsessed with this specific batch crafted from vintage kitchen contact paper. Choose from one of the three print options for stylish stashing.

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No, this protector’s not actually associated with the CDC — but it sure does feel official. It also runs on the larger side, fitting a card up to 3.5" x 4.75".

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Getting vaccinated is definitely something to smile about. Keep up the cheery spirit knowing you can always keep your card safe with this joyful protector.

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When safe international travel picks back up (hopefully soon!), be prepared with an all-in-one monogrammed cover that fits both your passport and vaccine card. And even when you’re not using either document, this makes the perfect storage spot so you’ll never lose track of them at home.