These Super Absorbent Towels Are the Best Quick-Drying Ones We’ve Tested — And They Won’t Break the Bank

published Jan 31, 2023
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One of the most important pieces you need for your bathroom is a towel. However, towels can sometimes be one of the most challenging items to choose for your home (unless you aren’t picky and grab the first thing you see on the shelf). There are lots of factors to consider, such as fabric, color, and texture. Size even becomes an issue if you live in a small space. Plush towels are nice to have, but they aren’t exactly known for not taking up a lot of room. Fortunately, if you need to save space without losing quality, waffle weave bath towels are a good alternative. The best waffle towels maintain absorbency while also drying quickly to avoid that musty scent no one enjoys from dampness that lingers for too long. Slowtide’s Guild Waffle Bath Towels earned the top spot for Best Quick-Drying on AT’s bath towel Best List, racking up points for size, style, and more.

The Guild Waffle Bath Towels are made with sustainably-sourced 100 percent cotton, and have a loose waffle weave with looped terrycloth that not only makes them soft but gets softer with each wash. Additionally, because the waffle weave is so smooth, these towels are safe to use on hair without a ton of friction that could break strands. The towels also have a built-in loop to hang so they dry as quickly as possible. According to AT social media manager Brian, who tested them for Best List, the towels are “very lightweight” and offer an abundance of surface area. “It wraps around my body with plenty to spare,” he says. “I was extremely impressed by how much water it was able to pick up. It dried me off relatively quick.” The absorbency can be attributed to the towel’s three-dimensional texture, which allows it to expand and soak up more water as well as dry faster. Measuring 30” x 60”, the towels are available in five colors that include black, charcoal, white, olive, and terracotta. 

It’s not only AT staffers who’ve come to appreciate the quality of the Guild Waffle Bath Towel, but Slowtide shoppers love it as well. “I previously picked up a couple of Slowtide beach towels from my bike shop,” says one reviewer. “I was so impressed by the quick drying and quality of the beach towels that I decided to make the investment in bath towels. No buyer’s remorse. The towels are more than expected; so soft on your skin, quick drying, and good looking. I’m probably going to buy one more bundle. I threw out all my non-Slowtide towels as they just don’t compare.” The waffle towels are available as both hand towels and bath towels, and are sold separately or in bundles of 2-4 pieces that ship for free. If you’re in the market for new towels that won’t create a lot of clutter, these are hard to beat.