Best Way to Add a Surface & Hide Outlets?

Q: We’ve recently moved into a funny converted studio/apartment in Squamish, British Columbia. There are lots of great things about the 450 sq.ft. space (like ten foot ceilings, massive windows with wonderful views, some concrete floor, and ceiling pipes that lend the place industrial appeal). There are also some awkward things to work around.

We’ve come up with some creative solutions to most of them (doggie bed on casters over the crawl space trap door, a loft bed made from scaffolding, and floor-to-ceiling ikea shelving to replace closets), but I’m truly stumped in one little area.
We happened upon a very cute (1950s?) sectional sofa for only $130, and snapped it up. It fits perfectly in the space, and will be easy to slipcover so I can change the color as I please. The problem is the space behind the curved corner section … what on earth can I do with this? A low table/shelf behind there seems like an obvious answer, but complicating things is the presence of phone jack and power outlets. These are up so high since the lower wall has the concrete foundation behind it. I would love to come up with something that:

1. offers a surface for the phone etc. to sit on,
2. covers the unsightly outlets, and
3. doesn’t compete with the already-quite-busy focal wall behind it.

Should I try to somehow cover/mask the outlets, putting a grouping of artwork over them, and then just put a low table back there? Would a taller custom corner shelf look awkward? I’d appreciate any help brainstorming ideas!

p.s. Kindly disregard the sort of bland color scheme going on here. the lower section of the walls are getting cream painted bead board, and the rug will soon be a nice chartreuse. 🙂

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