Best Way to Dust Tech?

Best Way to Dust Tech?

Anthony Nguyen
Aug 2, 2010

Q - As much as I love all my gizmos, I have one main gripe - the dust! Would it hurt for some manufacturer to create a dust shield so my stuff stays shiny all the time? Well, if that's too much to ask, what do you guys recommend as the best way to dust your tech?

A - Hey Sonny,

This one's a no brainer for us. We fell in love immediately with the first introduction of the Swiffer Dusters a couple years back and haven't found a better alternative since air spray cans (though we still recommend having a few compressed air dusters laying around for hard to reach places).

The only problem with compressed air dusters is that they do the same thing as leaf blowers - they just blow your undesirables all over the place and pollute the air around you (seriously folks, why don't people use a rakes anymore?). The cans are also like aersol cans and require extra steps to properly recycle. Plus, from our experience, they just don't last that long.

But if you are planning to use compressed air, we suggest bringing your tech to an area away from your home (or above your garbage can) and spraying it there. Otherwise, you'll just be spraying dust and other unmentionable nastiness into the air around you.

Got dusting tips for Sonny? Share your ideas with him below!

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