9 Wet-Dry Vacuums That Let You Tackle Double the Mess with One Device

published Oct 6, 2023
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If there’s one cleaning tool you truly can’t live without, it’s a vacuum cleaner. A must for keeping any space clean, they’re a product we’re pretty passionate about here at Apartment Therapy. With so many different kinds of vacuums out there, we’re constantly putting them to the test. One of our favorite types of vacuums? The all-in-one powerhouse is the wet/dry vacuum. Able to be used both as a traditional vacuum and a mop, these vacuums are the ultimate solution for anyone who likes the idea of having one tool that can do it all (they’re a dream for small-space dwellers, too!) Looking to pick up one for your home? You came to the right place. Below, we rounded up nine of the best wet/dry vacuums on the market today, from some of our editors’ favorite picks to models the internet can’t stop obsessing over. 

Do you have a wet/dry mop that you swear by? We want to hear all about it! Tell us all about your favorite finds in the comments below! 

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An affordable find and one of the most popular picks on Amazon, the Bissell Crosswave is a customer favorite for a reason. In fact, it’s a team favorite, too! Easy to assemble and safe on multiple floor types including hardwood, tile, and carpet, Editorial Assistant Morgan purchased it when she first moved to a new apartment and has loved the results. “The Bissell Crosswave Vacuum-Mop has been a total lifesaver and has made our apartment feel way more comfortable and clean as we got used to the new environment. I’m sure we’ll be using it for years to come," she writes.

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When we put the best vacuums on the market to the test, the Tineco ONE S5 came in as our overall pick for the best wet/dry option. Featuring a cordless design, this vacuum packs a punch, with one editor describing the results as “grossly satisfying.” It works on all floor types including carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, marble, and stone, and comes with all the necessary accessories, cleaning solutions, bells, and whistles to be used as both a dry vacuum and a wet mop, interchangeably.

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We’re big fans of Shark vacuums, and the Shark Hydrovac is no exception. This cordless wonder is actually a three-in-one that vacuums, mops, and cleans itself, making it easy to deep-clean floors and area rugs with just one single device. It's one of the most powerful cleaning systems around — or what we at AT would call a bona fide must-have.

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When Executive Lifestyle Director, Charli, put this next pick to the test, she was beyond impressed. “With the CrossWave® HydroSteam™ Wet Dry Vacuum, I cleaned — and vacuumed and sanitized — our entire kitchen floor in exactly seven minutes. Doing all three steps one by one typically takes me close to an hour. This has been reason alone for me to never look back and give this wet/dry vac a permanent spot in my cleaning tool rotation, but there is more,” she writes. “Because the Bissell HydroSteam™ Technology uses steam to clean and sanitize tough stains while it vacuums loose dirt and debris, not only do I feel like I’m making our floors look better, but I also feel a sense of relief knowing that we’re spreading fewer germs throughout the house too. Needless to say, it’s a winner in our book."

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If the type of wet/dry vac you’re looking for is for tackling big messes, the Dewalt 12 Gallon Shop Vac is a must. A great option for homeowners, those in the midst of renovations, or those who worry about floods, these wet-dry vacuums can be lifesavers come dire times. While we wouldn’t say this is the best for everyday use, having one of these on hand to tackle big projects (and big messes) is always a good idea.

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Small spaces need small vacuums, and this handheld model from Black+Decker is a hardworking and affordable machine that makes keeping your home clean easy. It charges fully in four hours and lasts long enough to do a once-over of your entire place before needing to go back to the charging dock. Plus, with the ability to tackle both wet and dry messes (it can pick up to eight ounces of liquid), we think you’ll find this to be a stellar handheld pick.

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roborock may be best known for its robot vacuums, but the Dyad Pro is a pick you won’t want to sleep on. Offering a sleek, cordless solution to both wet and dry messes, this upright vacuum offers powerful suction, a deep clean, and the ability to vacuum and wash at once. Best of all, it automatically cleans its rollers when docked, followed by automatic self-drying, preventing odors and bacteria buildup.

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Recently, the Tineco Floor ONE S7 went viral on TikTok after a video of the vacuum being demoed in front of a party of people garnered more than 25 million views. The second Tineco pick on this list, you better believe it’s also a great find. With many of the same features as the S5 mentioned above, this model takes things up a notch with a longer run time, dual-sided edge cleaning, and SmoothPower technology.

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The latest launch from Dyson is sure to become a customer favorite. The Dyson V15s Detect Submarine is the brand's first foray in the wet-dry realm. Engineered with new hydration, absorption, and extraction technologies to wash hard floors, this pick combines Dyson’s powerful suction, dust illumination, and anti-tangle vacuuming technologies with a new wet roller head that’ll make light work of even the most stuck-on messes.