The Best Wine Openers & Corkscrews

updated May 23, 2019
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When you’re ready to unwind at the end of the day, the only thing coming between you and a glass of wine is…your corkscrew. These little contraptions are typically an afterthought — we don’t expect them to be exciting or attractive, as long as they work. Yet a solid, high-quality wine opener is key to keeping you and your wine happy. We’ve rounded up our favorite wine openers, from the simple to the extravagant, that will make popping some bubbly as easy and fun as it should be.

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Our Top Pick

(Image credit: Christopher Broe)

Our top pick is budget-friendly, straight-forward, and always reliable. It’s also versatile, acting as a corkscrew, foil cutter and bottle cap opener in one. It’s not as fun or interesting as some of the others, but it gets the job done just as well (if not better) than the rest.


(Image credit: True)

Another waiter’s corkscrew option, this one comes in a wide variety of colors to add some personality to your wine opener. Aside from aesthetics, the price is right and the simple design is no fuss and easy to use.

(Image credit: Foho)

If you’re not a fan of the traditional waiter’s corkscrew, check out the winged style. This option from Foho is inexpensive, easy to use and great quality. Another perk is the slightly larger size, making it harder to lose than the ultra compact waiter corkscrews.

(Image credit: Oster)

Yet another style, this electric option from Oster takes all the effort out of opening a bottle of wine. The sleek design is very easy to use (just push the button) and fast, promising a removed cork in seconds.


(Image credit: OXO)

Another winged option, this OXO corkscrew comes with a few upgrades. The soft knob makes turning easier, and a stopper prevents the screw from breaking the cork. Plus, the design is a bit sleeker compared to traditional winged models.

(Image credit: Rabbit)

Our top pick on the mid-price range, the Rabbit is one of the most well-known corkscrews out there. It’s guaranteed to pull a cork in three seconds flat and can open any sized wine bottle — it’s no wonder people swear by it.

(Image credit: Rabbit)

This iteration on the iconic Rabbit corkscrew can uncork any wine bottle with a single pull in three seconds flat. The vertical shape makes it easy to store and display, and the price won’t break the bank — especially considering that it’s guaranteed to last for up to five years.

(Image credit: Le Creuset)

This corkscrew from Le Creuset gets high points for style and ease of use. It has a soft handle for easy gripping, internal flex system that allows it to be used on any bottle, and activ-ball technology for smooth cork retrieval.


(Image credit: Alessi)

Created by Italian designer Alessandro Mendini in 1994, the Anna G. is a true design pick (it’s also our top pick in the higher price range!). This winged corkscrew, designed to look like a woman, has become something of a cult classic, and also has a “male” counterpart (the Alessandro M.).

(Image credit: Wine Enthusiast)

For the true wine connoisseurs out there, check out the elegant Legacy Corkscrew and accompanying marble stand. It’s designed to be a replica of an antique corkscrew, and will remove a cork with one pull of the handle. If you’re low on counter space it can also be mounted to the tabletop.

(Image credit: Code38)

This stainless steel corkscrew is indestructible, has a lifetime guarantee, and is extremely pricey. There’s a lot to admire here, from the sleek, durable build to the feather-light weight, making it a fantastic gift idea for the sommelier in your life.

Tips for Choosing a Wine Opener

  1. Waiter corkscrews are the smallest and least expensive option. They take a bit longer to master, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be popping bottles in no time.
  2. Winged corkscrews are affordable and especially popular for ease of use. Like waiter corkscrews, they take up little space and are ideal for the casual wine drinker. Be careful though — they aren’t recommended for aged wine, as the pressure can snap older corks.
  3. Lever corkscrews are extremely easy to use and can open a bottle in a matter of seconds. They’re a bit more expensive than waiter and winged corkscrews, but are generally great quality and make a thoughtful gift.
  4. Electric wine openers are the best option for those with limited arm mobility because they require zero effort. They come in battery-operated or rechargeable options and are generally around the same price as lever corkscrews.
  5. Legacy wine openers are ideal for wine collectors and those with home bars. They’re the most expensive and least common of the bunch, but are as functional as they are decorative.

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