12 Work-from-Home Jobs You Can Apply to Today (and Skip the Commute)

published Jan 11, 2024
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Okay, so you settled into the WFH life over the past few years. You got used to making smoothies for breakfast, enjoying a nice stroll over lunch, and skipping out on that hour-long commute. Now you’re facing a return to office, and you’re not thrilled. You’re wondering if it’s time to start looking at new jobs that you can do from home — permanently. Just a simple WFH job that allows you to work hard at your own desk, in your own home, and in your comfiest sweatpants. 

Sounds like a dream? Here are 12 of the best work-from-home jobs that you can start applying to today, according to career experts and people with those jobs.

1. Marketing Assistant

If you want to gain experience in the marketing world or take a lower-stress job within marketing after spending years with an in-house or agency marketing team, look at remote marketing assistant roles. “A marketing assistant is someone who can assist with the inbound marketing efforts of any small business: from email, social to content, SEO, affiliates, and community building,” says Emily Reagan, who trains people to become marketing assistants.

The average salary is $29K to $53K annually.

2. Customer Service Representative 

When you call in to a customer service line, there’s a good chance that person is taking the call from the comfort of their own home. That’s a good thing when you consider the frustrations they may field throughout the day. That’s why patience and empathy are two of the most necessary skills when you apply for this work-from-home job. You need to be able to listen to people’s problems and help them troubleshoot — even when you know there isn’t an easy solution.

The average salary is $28K to $57K annually.

3. Virtual Assistant

If you’re incredibly organized, then becoming a virtual assistant for one client or many could be a great way to make money either full-time or on the side. You could be in charge of anything from social media posts and data entry, to invoices and meetings. You have all the roles of an administrative assistant, but virtually.

The average salary is $23K to $61K annually.

4. Resume Writer

Do you have a talent for making others shine? Use those skills to help others brush up their resumes to find the perfect job. You can do this full-time or tackle a few resumes in the evening to earn extra cash. Those who find the most success will often focus on one specialized industry as their niche, like working only with accountants or government employees.

The average salary is $34K to $44K annually.

5. Social Media Manager

If you consider yourself to be on the cutting edge of what’s trending on social media, then consider finding a work-from-home job as a social media manager. You’ll create an editorial calendar for content across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms, including drafting posts, scheduling them, and tracking analytics.

The average salary is $31K to $83K annually.

6. Tutor

Teachers who are looking for a WFH option can easily transfer their skills to tutoring from home. Ideally, you’ll have one area where you’re a subject matter expert, like math, Spanish, or reading. You’ll then work with students across grade levels to develop a focused learning plan that helps them understand the subject matter on a deeper level or catch up on concepts they may have missed in the classroom.

The average salary is $25K to $83K annually.

7. Travel Agent

Love to travel, but don’t love traveling just to get to work? Look into becoming a WFH travel agent. You’ll work on travel itineraries, book hotel accommodations, and make restaurant reservations for those who have dreams of traveling the world, but don’t have the time or know-how to book the trips themselves. 

The average salary is $29K to $61K annually.

8. Telemedicine Nurse

While this is a more specialized industry, if you have a nursing degree but need a break from the grind of being in the hospital, becoming a telemedicine nurse can offer the WFH retreat you’re seeking. You’ll meet with patients via phone or video call, diagnose issues that don’t require in-office visits, and funnel them to an appointment when necessary. 

The average salary is $83K to $104K annually.

9. Court Reporter

If you’re captivated by legal proceedings, then finding a remote job as a court reporter could be an interesting and lucrative WFH job. This involves creating the official transcripts that will be used in jury deliberations. “Since the pandemic, much of the pre-trial work is now done virtually, which means you can log into a Zoom deposition and capture everything that is said without leaving your home,” says Karen Santucci, court reporting program advisor at Plaza College in Queens, New York.

The average salary is $36K to $117K annually.

10. Data Entry Clerk

Experience is not necessary, but efficiency and a dash of perfectionism are if you’re looking at data entry clerk roles. These in-demand work-from-home jobs require spending time in front of a computer inputting information from spreadsheets and other data sources into a data management system. Accuracy is the most important skill, and the hours are flexible.

The average salary is $25K to $45K annually.

11. Technical Writer

Writing technical guides with detailed-yet-approachable instructions isn’t an easy task — unless you’re someone who has a knack for the complex. And, if you’re one of those people, you have an in-demand work-from-home job waiting for you. Technical writers work on instruction manuals, educational resources, and pamphlets breaking down specialized topics into more simple terms. 

The average salary is $44K to $96K annually.

12. Broadcaster

One of the more offbeat roles you can take on is sports broadcasting, where you’ll call sports games from your living room. Greg Linnelli, who works at Otter PR by day, is a professional broadcaster for the Tampa Bay Lightning in his free time. “With technology today, all you need is a good mic, a working computer, and some decent lighting, and you have the makings of a professional broadcast! Now, all you need is the talent to be good behind the mic,” says Linnelli. This could be your 15 minutes of fame — and the source of some extra money in your pocket.

The average pay is $28 an hour.