The Very Best WFH Solutions Our Editors Bought This Year

updated Dec 15, 2020
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This year saw the term “work from home” take on a whole new meaning. According to the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, over 40 percent of the U.S. workforce transitioned to remote working in 2020. For many of us at Apartment Therapy, that meant investing in a few key items to make our WFH setup a little more comfortable (and bearable). From standing desks to office chairs and every accessory in between, these are the tried-and-true, editor-approved essentials that helped transform our homes into the perfect productive space this year.

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Available in seven different colors, this ergonomic laptop stand was a must for News & Culture Editor Tara Bellucci's WFH home setup. "This puts my laptop at eye level and feels better for my wrists," she says. Featuring three different height settings, the riser can hold laptops up to 15.6 inches.

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"My friends and I joked that these pillows on our dining chairs basically define quarantine, and honestly [they're] SUCH a game-changer," says Lifestyle Editor Ella Cerón of this 5 STARS UNITED seat cushion. Made with 100 percent memory foam, it makes sitting for long hours easier and provides orthopedic support to prevent tailbone, sciatica, and lower back pain.

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Having the right desk chair is crucial, as Real Estate & Finance Editor Madeline Bilis quickly discovered after she started working from home. "I bought this desk chair in brown and it rescued my aching back," she says of the 2xhome Modern High Back Office Chair. "Turns out sitting in a wooden dining chair for eight hours a day can hurt—but this office chair somehow is soft and sturdy at the same time."

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Earlier this year, Projects Editor Megan Baker had the opportunity to review Fully's Jarvis Desk, and it changed the way she works from home for the better. "I had never had a standing desk before, but when Fully offered to send me one to try out, I jumped at the chance," she says. "The Jarvis desk could be configured to any height, so, I figured, in the worst-case scenario I could just leave it at desk height. But happily, since I’ve gotten it, there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t adjusted it down and up at least four times—and my body’s felt all the better for it."

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Like many of us, Senior Associate News & Culture Editor Nicoletta Richardson waited a bit before finally upgrading her WFH situation. "I finally joined the many others in investing in a nice desk for myself," says Nicoletta, who opted for the HOMECHO writing desk. "I ordered this one because of the style, functionality (all of the little drawers!), and price combined, and it's been a productivity saver."

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Nicoletta also switched up her seating situation and swears by this white faux fur stool. "It's soft and comfortable to sit on, AND without the back, I sit up straight," she says. "It's all-around better for my posture. I feel less stiff at the end of the day!"

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Like many people missing their in-office setups, Commerce Editor Sholeen Damarwala invested in a monitor to maximize her workspace. "I'm no longer squinting at my tiny laptop screen," she says, "and it gives me so much more flexibility to have a bazillion windows open all at the same time!"

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The finishing touch to Sholeen's WFH setup? This multi-functional desk lamp. "I love the mid-century modern vibe it adds to my little workspace," she says, "and the convenience of a phone-charging pad was a nice bonus."

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Working from home, I found I missed the luxury of a wireless keyboard, so I picked up this one from Logitech. The thing that sold it for me was its solar-charging feature: I love that I don't need to waste money on batteries. It's also pretty easy on the eyes with its thin frame and sleek design, not to mention it has a full-sized keyboard (complete with a number pad). You really can't beat it.

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Finding an office chair that blended comfort and style was at the top of the list for Kitchn Commerce Intern AnnMarie Matilla, and this one from ArtechWorks did both. "When I started my role at ATM, I repurposed my guest room to be a hybrid home office," she explains. "I was looking for a desk chair that was not only comfortable for the hours I spend in front of my computer but also stylish enough to make my guests feel welcome when they are finally allowed to come visit again. This chair is cushiony and supports my back, but avoids that dreaded clunky office furniture look."

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"As we all know, the pandemic has caused us to alter our lifestyle and, most importantly, our WFH space. Not knowing how long this is going to last, I wanted to invest in my health by purchasing a standup desk," says Social Media Strategist Brian Wong, who transformed an IKEA countertop into the ultimate rising desk by attaching it to this frame from FlexiSpot. "I try to move around my apartment as much as possible and get some stretches in, so having a desk that allows me to change my working position definitely helps!" (You can check out his setup here.)

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After spending more time at home staring at her screen, Home Director Danielle Blundell picked up this pair of blue-light blocking glasses from J.Crew Factory to help reduce eye strain and fatigue. "Whenever I consistently use my blue-blockers, my eyes really do feel less heavy and tired at the end of the workday," she says.

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"When we first started working from home, I did all of my Zoom meetings near my window, which gets a lot of light. But as the days grew darker after daylight saving, so did my apartment," says Director of Commerce Mark Marino. "So I invested in a ring light. This compact one fits nicely into my small space, and it comes with different brightness and tone settings (white, blue, yellow) so you can find what flatters you best. I no longer look like I am sitting in the shadows during Zoom meetings, and dare I say I even look somewhat refreshed."

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With cold weather making a comeback, so is indoor heating, and that means one thing: tons dry air. That's why Commerce Coordinator Emily Lew added this mini humidifier to her setup to keep the air fresh and moist, no matter how high the heat cranks up.