Your Best Yard Taming Advice

Your Best Yard Taming Advice

Adrienne Breaux
May 12, 2010

Our recent move came with some fun, potentially cool-looking outdoor spaces, but it also came with something—that as an apartment dweller for years—was totally new to us: a yard! We're facing quite the tangle of nature out there, and need your ideas...

We can't be sure the roughage growing outside our front door can be accurately described as "grass," but we do know that as per our lease agreement, it's our responsibility to do something about it. Having not had a yard in years (and subsequently not even owning any yard maintenance equipment whatsoever), we're not sure how to deal with our newly acquired abundance of greenery.

Do we purchase or borrow an electric or gas-powered lawn mower (that frankly, seems terrifying to us)? Do we just pay someone to do it? Or do we go with an eco-friendly (and less scary option) like a push reel mower? To be honest, the push reel mower is the forerunner (something like this Scott's Classic Reel Lawn Mower?), but having never seen one in action, we're not entirely convinced of its effectiveness.

So we turn to you, Apartment Therapy readers with yards: what's your favorite way to tame the nature outside your home? Do you swear by paying lawn professionals to do it? Do you break down and invest in a nice lawnmower? Or have you used a push reel mower with success? Let us know!

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