Bestie Row: 4 Couples Built These Tiny Houses So They Could Live Right Next to Each Other

published Jan 11, 2017
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Have you ever thought about how much fun it would be to live next door to your best friend? Four couples in Texas have made that dream into a reality with ‘Bestie Row’, a grouping of four tiny wilderness cabins where they can reconnect with nature, and each other.

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The friends were inspired to build the cabins as a retreat from the increasingly hectic city of Austin. West of the town of Llano, about an hour and a half from Austin, they found the perfect spot: a 10-acre strip of land overlooking the Llano river.

There, they built a row of four tiny houses, each coming in at 350 square feet. The materials used are simple: corrugated steel on the outside, exposed plywood on the inside, and concrete for the floors. These simple materials help the cabins to harmonize with the rugged landscape, and also help to keep costs down—each house cost only about $40,000. The sloping roofs of the cabins, designed by architect Matt Garcia, make a dramatic statement but also serve a purpose: each cabin is outfitted with a cistern for storing rainwater, which is used to irrigate the property and help preserve the native trees and grasses.

In addition to the cabins, there’s a 1,500-square-foot gathering space, outfitted with a commercial-style range and an oversize refrigerator for preparing communal meals. There’s also a guest room with bunks, and, sweetly, a porch with an octagonal picnic table—one side for each of the buddies.

If you want to live the dream of being right next door to your best friends but can’t quite afford to build a whole compound, the entire thing can be rented, starting at $857 a night, when the eight friends aren’t there. And if you can’t spring for a trip to Texas, you can still experience the whole thing virtually, through these photos from Country Living and this article from Garden & Gun.

Re-edited from a post that originally appeared 01.11.2017. – AH