Big Apple Antiques

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cash transaction. Got some valuable furniture that you would like to turn into a pile of $20’s? One of our clients has been redoing her apartment and selling off her old furniture to Big Apple Antiques with great results. This is a good resource if you have antiques or furniture with real value and live in downtown Manhattan.

The owner, Harold Katz, will come to your house (if you’ve got a significant amount to sell) and tell you on the spot how much he will pay you. If you want to do it, he will pull a big roll of bills out of his pocket and pay you on the spot, after which his guys will come and take your furniture away. Easy.

Problems? Readers have said that if you want to shop for more value or want auction house estimates, Big Apple Antiques is not your store. Katz’s offer may be less or more than you can get elsewhere, but the turnaround time and the cash can make it worth it. And while they say Harold Katz seems “pretty odd” at first, “you come to like him.” (Thanks, Suzanne!)

(Re-Edited from original post on 2004-12-01)