Jenna Park, Aunty Cookie, Rachel Meeks & More

Jenna Park, Aunty Cookie, Rachel Meeks & More

Jackie Boucher
Dec 19, 2011

Meet Jenna Park Of Sweet Fine Day: "Lately, the blog has become ... more about raising our girls in the city, life/work balance, and life in New York as depicted through photographs. It's very much a personal journey and writing helps me to reflect on the day, process the events, and move on. As a result, the blog is very honest and real. I don't really hold back."

We've been going down memory lane, browsing the archives looking at the best of our Big Blog Family posts. Here are the first 9 blogs we showcased in 2011: 3 chefs, limitless creativity and craftiness, and a healthy dose of simple living thrown in. Each one inspiring us in their own way, with photography, with humour, with well-chosen words, and with food, to nurture, to create and to find balance in our oh-so hectic lives.

Meet Kate Lilley Of Mini-Eco: "After having my two sons I got a bee in my bonnet about all the plastic crap that seemed to be piling up in our house. Most of it lasts for two seconds before it breaks then it goes to landfill for the rest of time -- it's really very depressing. I could rant about this for quite a while but I will spare you!"

Meet Amy Locurto of Living Locurto: "Even though I had no idea what blogging was or how to do it, I knew right away that was what I should be doing! I was no longer the weirdo going overboard with my children's birthday parties or making things for my home from scratch. There were other women out there just like me ..."

Meet Debbie Koenig of Words to Eat By: "You can do it. You can work and have kids and deal with the demands of an infant, and you can feed yourself. Really well. It probably won't be perfect, but so what? It'll taste mighty good, and it'll be healthier (and cheaper) than takeout."

Meet Shannon Lamden of Aunty Cookie: "I do read a lot of blogs where I see lovely homes, lovely well dressed kids, lovely lives blah blah blah. And I know it's not all true, everyone has their good and bad days and what's shown on the interwebs is how they prefer to be seen. I have no problem with that, I need something to roll my eyes at!"

Meet Deborah Beau of Kickcan & Conkers: "I like to think there's a child in all of us! I try to vary my posts, showcasing unusual handmade products, quite a lot of vintage things, art and illustration, craft projects, animation and snippets of our bilingual, bicultural family life in the South of France. I don't have a favourite subject matter, but I really enjoy and pride myself on finding and sharing original work from around the world."

Meet Rachel Meeks of Small Notebook: "... Small Notebook goes way beyond simple tips for apartment living. With advice and insight into topics ranging from grocery budgeting and organizing digital photos to setting "compelling goals" and avoiding the lure of "more stuff," Rachel gets into the material details of homekeeping as well as the philosophy of living a simpler life."

Meet Lauren and Matt of YumNums: "Matt is a Cordon Bleu certified chef working the back of the house in a Chicago restaurant. Lauren is at home running the blender. And together they go to farmers' markets, create lovely baby-friendly recipes that they generously share with readers ..."

Meet Alexandra Stephenson of kinderpendent: "Creativity is a vital part of the success of a child's future. Society thrives on innovative people who can think outside of the box, create new ideas, and make a difference. We craft in our home to encourage our kids to be those creative, innovative people our world craves."

(Images: See linked posts for full image credits.)

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Welcome to Ohdeedoh's Best of 2011 roundup! From December 19 through January 1 we are rounding up some of our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year.

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