Big in Japan -- Baby Simulator

Big in Japan -- Baby Simulator

Sonia Zjawinski
Dec 18, 2009

Forget flower sacks and eggs, the new way to teach kids (and adults) about the responsibilities of parenthood is with a robotic baby simulator. Creeeeeepy!

Japan's University of Tsukuba has built a baby terminator, er, simulator that mimics all the needs of a baby via an interactive screen. The display emotes as a baby would with real tears, wailing, and the occasional newborn joy.

The project's site is in Japanese so we're not entirely sure how this thing works, but from the diagram above it looks like an infrared camera detects your presence, while a small projector below the baby's head beams the little one's face on some kind of silicone-like material that acts as the baby's skin.

Motorized cushions underneath a blanket work as the baby's limbs which move around when touched or to play out the accompanying arm flailing that comes when a baby is happy or upset.

There's even a water supply tank to shed actual liquid tears on the kid's "face". We're not sure if the warm water tank is to circulate warm water through the baby's "body" so it actually feels like a warm and cuddly creature or if it's for the tears.

Check out the video below for the full creepy effect. Would you ever bring this into your home?

via Dvice

(Image: University of Tsukuba)

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