Big Kid, Little Kid: Shared Kids Rooms

updated Oct 9, 2019
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There’s nothing like the moment when your second child is born, and you realize how giant your former “baby” is. You’ve just moved the first one out of the crib, and have no other place to put the baby but to share in the existing child’s room. It’s a lot of transition, but it can at least look phenomenal…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here are ten rooms where a baby and sibling live together:

1. A Shared Room for Sisters on Lay Baby Lay

2. Matilda and Baby’s Shared Room on Apartment Therapy

3. Courtney Adamo’s Home on Design Mom

4. Simon, Levi, and Josie’s Shared Room on Apartment Therapy

8. Arthur & Violette’s Cohesive Shared Room on Apartment Therapy

9. Aiden & Mia’s Superb Shared Room on Apartment Therapy

Now as for whether toddler and baby shared rooms work, that’s another question entirely.