Big Room With A Compact & Sleek Home Office

Big Room With A Compact & Sleek Home Office

Range Govindan
Aug 26, 2010

It's not always possible to put your home office in a room apart. As much as some people would like to, especially if you have a studio apartment, there comes a time when you'll need to sketch out a nook and cranny for your home office. That being said, who says that it can't be really comfortable?

We really like how Ichirorabbit's home office blends into his entertainment area in the living room. One corner was dedicated to his home office. The rest of the room houses his home entertainment center, including his Xbox 360 Elite and his 46" Samsung HDTV.

Computer Hardware

-HP Mini 5102
-Mimo monitor
-Samsung 21 inch Monitor
-Logitech illuminated keyboard
-Logitech Performance Mouse M950
-iPhone 4
-Logitech speakers
-Logitech Webcam Pro 9000

Using living rooms for your home office is something that you have to consider when you have more than one person who needs a workstation or when space is limited. The overall layout isn't that surprising, but it's nicely done with style and flair. The final touch was a hacked Ambilight system for his HDTV, which Ichirorabbit put together thanks to an Instructable. Ambilight is an LED system for Philips HDTVs which projects similar colors and tones onto the wall behind the TV so that it's nicer to watch. It's also less straining for the eyes.

All in all, a nicely put together home office in the living room will work well if you think about how you'd like to set it up. Dividing the space adequately is a must.

[all photos by Ichirorabbit]

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