Bikeworks NYC

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ride, don’t run. Two separate people just clued us in to Bikeworks ( within 24 hrs. Despite the frigid weather today, we were glad, because we are in the market for a bike. Yeah. This is an endless resource. Just check out the Chain Wheel Archive. MGR

Severn Says: I found this online – it’s an archive of curious antique bicycle parts. Maybe you need to be a bike nut to appreciate it, but isn’t there something terribly wabi-sabi about an obscure old French Traction-Avant chain ring?

Jim says: Bikeworks is the best bike store in nYC because they have an appreciation for junky old bikes and don’t just tell you to get a new bike. They welded together my grandma Dutch bike back together for $20. Wow. These guys are great.

Last time I went there he spent 40 minutes working on my derailer, got it working perfectly and only charged me $10.

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