Bill & Beth’s Sleeping Porch

I’ve been dreaming about the sleeping porch in Beth & Bill’s Soulful Straw Bale Retreat ever since the photo shoot. However the room envy has significantly increased with the scorcher of a summer that we’ve been experiencing in DC, when often the only bearable time to spend outside is in the evening.

When Bill and Beth renovated their bungalow, they did so with the intent of creating a strong connection between the in and outdoors, and their sleeping porch is one of the best examples. It sits just off their modestly-sized master bedroom, and has many of the simple comforts of a regular room: loungeable mattress, light bedding, semi-privacy/shade screen facing the neighbors, and a ceiling fan. They spend more than half the nights of each year on the sleeping porch, which looks over their luscious garden and backyard that Beth has designed using all native plants. The sleeping porch’s covering is part of their green roof system, and below the porch sits a bubbling retention pond that collects water run off from the back of their sloping yard before channeling it to the rain garden on the side of their house.

Open air sleeping porches have always been on my dream house list, but after seeing Bill and Beth’s I have an even deeper love for them, especially after hearing form Bill that they have never been bothered by mosquitoes since their porch is on the second story and mosquitoes are mostly however just above ground level.

To check out the rest of their amazing home, visit their house tour.

To learn more about Helicon Works, Bill and Beth’s green building collaborative, visit their website.

(Images: 1: Helicon Works, 2-7: Leah Moss)