BioBag Biodegrable Plastic Bags

BioBag Biodegrable Plastic Bags

Mar 12, 2008

Since we're currently Cure-ing, lots of stuff is going to be making its way out of our house in trash bags in the next few weeks. In our ongoing efforts to live a greener life, we're thinking it would be nice if those trash bags weren't just one more thing that was going to stick around for a few thousand years.

BioBags may be the ticket. Made from a corn derived material called "Mater-bi," BioBags promise to be 100% biodegradable and compostable. They also claim to reduce trash oders as the bags are "breathable" and so release heat and moisture instead of letting them build up.

With bag sizes ranging from 33-gallon yard waste down to .91-mil dog waste bags, BioBags has a product available for practically every use.

Available at several online retailers as well as locally at Cole Hardware, BioBags are slightly pricier than your standard trash bags, but aren't unreasonable, especially when considering their (lack of) environmental impact.

Check out the BioBag website for more information.

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