Time to Celebrate: This Company Makes Eco-Friendly Glitter

published Oct 7, 2019
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Credit: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Generally speaking, glitter is associated with celebratory occasions like holidays and kids’ birthday parties and it’s even made its way into some of favorite makeup palettes. Unfortunately, glitter has developed a less-than-dazzling reputation due to its debilitating impact on the planet. In fact, Newsweek questioned whether glitter should be banned and infamously referred to it as an “environmental scourge that is wrecking the oceans.” 

Well, first off, ouch, and secondly, at least one company disagrees with a total glitter ban.  Instead of completely ridding the planet of the shiny shards, Today Glitter offers a revised version of the sparkly stuff that is equally exciting minus the environmentally destructive aspect of the ordinary glitter, which can be found in virtually everything from NFL products to credit cards, paint and more.  Unlike its predecessor, Today Glitter is a safer, eco-friendly alternative made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus cellulose core. Instead of taking centuries to break down, Today Glitter biodegrades in as little as 30 days.

Most of their products start at $10, and there are plenty options to choose from.  Today Glitter offers 20 colors, four different sizes that range from fine and powdery to large granules.  The glitter can be used by children, makeup professionals, enthusiastic festival-goers or anyone looking to add some extra pizzazz to their party looks.

In addition to making eco-glitter accessible to the masses, Today Glitter also uses its platform to educate others on how to positively identify biodegradable glitter. According to its blog, this can be accomplished by verifying whether the product only contains “natural or nature derived ingredients with minimal or no use of plastics.” Customers should also check to see whether the glitter is certifiably biodegradable in natural, freshwater. Another way to distinguish legitimate eco-glitter from the rest is the way it feels on the skin. According to Today Glitter, it feels softer compared to plastic-based glitter. 

For the bioglitter-curious outside of the US, there are other brands, such as EcoStardust and EcoGlitterFun, worth checking out.