Whether Camping or Glamping, This is the Camp Stove for You

published May 27, 2017
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Even if you don’t consider yourself the camping type, this stove might just be the thing that makes it easy for you to get started. (Image credit: BioLite)

Summer is in the air and I’m sure many of you have already made your warm weather travel plans — that said, it’s always nice to be able pack up your tent and sleeping bag and get out under the stars for an impromptu weekend or overnight. I found this camp stove from Biolite a while back and I’ve been hanging onto it, waiting for some warm days to come along before I shared it with you. I’m so excited to finally unbox it today.

I have to start off by saying that this camp stove is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Even if you’re not a seasoned camper, the ease of using this stove will certainly encourage you to try it out — and since the benefits of camping are so numerous, it gives us all the more reason to get out there and rough it for a night. And yes, I know I’ve already made one recommendation for Father’s Day (okay, so maybe I’m a little partial to this holiday!) but the BioLite CampStove 2 should definitely be another contender for any outdoorsy dads out there.

Amazing technology allows you to charge your phone by burning your campfire, but the BioLite’s cool features don’t stop there. (Image credit: BioLite)

The Backstory

Campers are well-accustomed to the process: when you pack up your stove for a night in the woods, you absolutely cannot forget your propane canisters — otherwise you’re pretty much SOL. That’s not the case with the CampStove 2. This is BioLite’s second iteration of this stove, now with 50% more power, an integrated battery, and an LED dashboard that gives you realtime feedback on fire strength, battery power, and fan speed. With a goal of transforming the way we cook, charge, and light our lives when we’re off the grid, BioLite certainly has succeeded in combining all three in this CampStove 2. However, this camp stove is only the tip of the iceberg. This company has an incredible story and business model that I encourage all of you to explore. Since their founding 2006, they have truly revolutionized the way the people experience energy — not only by making campers’ lives easier, but also by fighting energy poverty in countries all over the world.

Say goodbye to propane canisters and save yourself some precious packing space. (Image credit: BioLite)

How It Works

So let’s dive into the details. While it sounds super futuristic (and maybe slightly dangerous?), the CampStove 2 basically converts fire to electricity. I won’t get into the science of it all, but it is pretty fascinating that this whole process can occur in such a compact, lightweight device. The chain reaction is something like this: the fire you light (from twigs, leaves, etc.) creates heat, this heat is absorbed by a thermoelectric generator, this generator turns it into electricity, which then powers the USB charging port. Any excess energy is stored so you can use it at a later time — even when the fire isn’t going! All of these parts work together to create a truly efficient stove and a clean burn. And it’s totally compatible with the rest of super lightweight BioLite gear (Portable Grill and Kettle Pot, anyone?) so that you can whip up anything, from a pot of coffee to a grilled veggie feast.

Your CampStove also comes with a flexible light, a stuff sack, a micro USB cable, and a firestarter. Plus the dashboard gives you realtime feedback on the fire strength and power level. Could it be easier? (Image credit: BioLite)

Perfect For

Campers and glampers alike. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get this thing up and running, and it’s made to be used again and again. The USB port doesn’t HAVE to charge your phone — if you want to be TRULY off the grid — but it’s nice to know that the option is there in case you need it. And it feels good to support an organization that is now capable of bringing safe and affordable energy to those in the world who needed it most.

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