Biomass Stove Converts Heat to Electricity

Biomass Stove Converts Heat to Electricity

Trent Johnson
Jul 24, 2009

Being developed mainly for third world countries, the SCORE (Stove for Cooking, Refrigeration and Electric) stove converts heat into acoustic energy and then into electricity through a linear alternator. Imagine being able to harness the excess heat output from your stove and turning it into something useful instead of simply just heating up your kitchen ...

SCORE's developers, led by the University of Nottingham, are currently testing the stove across the UK and in Nepal. Their cooking stove uses a bio-mass fuel source which is not only harnessed to cook food, but then captures heat into acoustic energy and then electricity. Their goal is to develop an affordable, versatile appliance to address the energy needs of rural communities in Asia and Africa.

The target price for the unit is approximately $33 — a seemly low price tag for the modern world, but to those it is being designed for, an amount that could take months to earn.

See more at the University of Nottingham and SCORE.


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