BioShield Floor Care Products

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We use Method Wood For Good floor care floor cleaner to keep our aged wood floors looking sparkling clean, partially because of the bonus effect of an almost mouth-watering almond scent. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t stopped looking for alternatives, especially ones with chemical-free formulas.

A few years back, the ATNY team spotlighted the enviro-friendly Bioshield for their non-toxic, low VOC and 98% naturally derived paints, stains and finishes. But now they’ve supplemented their product line with some floor care products that might give the Method cleaner some competition, not because what they contain, but what they’ve left out.

The Bioshield Floor Soap #58 contains a benign formula of soy oils, water, linseed oil, wood oil, resins, and orange terpene, while the supplemental BioShield Floor Milk shines and protects your floors with just three ingredients (carnauba wax, water, and coconut soap), exemplifying the company’s philosophy of using short ingredient lists of naturally derived substances, rather than laboratory concoctions that leave residues and create headaches.