“Birthday Bash Becomes Toxicology Class” Healthy Child, Healthy World.com

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With our own daughter’s first birthday rapidly approaching, this article really resonated with us. Is there a graceful way to inform people about the possible toxins in toys today?

The author of this article suggests that it may be a good time to spread the word and also learn to be a strong advocate of your child even if certain relatives or friends think you’re overreacting or being overprotective. A list of ways to do that:

“- Tell your friends and family that you appreciate their generosity and desire to share in your child’s life.
– Encourage them to give less material gifts, and instead to give the gift of their time, attention and love, which have a lasting positive impact on your child’s social-emotional development.
– Invite them to invest in your child’s future through a contribution to a college savings account.
– Provide simple information – many children’s products are made using harsh chemicals like phthalates and bisphenol-A or heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and mercury that pose a serious threat to children and toy manufacture worker’s health.
– Share web-based resources (ex. http://www.healthtoys.org) so gift-givers can learn about the chemicals used in the toys they are considering for purchase.
– Provide gift-givers with a list of companies that are committed to using non-toxic materials (we recommend several phthalate free companies including LEGO, BRIO, Gerber, Little Tykes and others), sustainable or recycled materials (Plan Toys uses recycled rubberwood and non-toxic paints), and third-party testing (Melissa and Doug) to aid in their gift purchasing decisions.”

Personally, we created a wish list for our daughter but didn’t include it on the invite or anything. If grandma’s friends or anyone else asks us what she might like, we direct them to the list. Hopefully this will help a little bit. Nonetheless there will still be toys that we probably wouldn’t have chosen. We’ll accept them politely.

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