Black and White Decor at H1898

It’s hard to find a color combo that’s both as classic and shocking as black and white. When we say shocking, we mean that despite being ubiquitous, it never seems to lose its edge. Maybe it’s the high contrast or the fact that black and white stripes simultaneously evoke old jailhouse uniforms and Hollywood glam.

H1898, a hotel in Barcelona, uses black and white to bold effect in their rooms. The hotel’s style is a throwback to a purposefully un-modern, glamorous era of huge four-poster beds, ornate trim, and dark walls. H1989 bills itself as a place “where luxury and small pleasures will take you to the 19th century and the Spanish colonies in Cuba and the Philippines.”

The building itself used to house the Philippines Tobacco, and 1898 marks the year that the Philippines separated from Spain. For more information on the hotel and its history, click here.

Photos: H1898