Blackboard Cupboard

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Kitchen or nursery? While the Vintage Blackboard Cupboard is being marketed as a kitchen item, we think it has potential as nursery storage. Certainly, it would be easy to mark out what goes where – a sort of visual diagram for the kids, showing them where to stow their stuff.

Unfortunately, no. eight, which carries this piece, does not ship outside of the UK, so unless you have a UK address (and £190.00), no Vintage Blackboard Cupboard for you! As well, we are curious about how much dust something like this would kick up if written on and erased often. However, we are inspired – we had never thought to use blackboard paint on furniture before, and this might be a great way to spruce up a flea-marketed or scavenged old dresser for a kid’s room.