Blake Lively’s Marble Bathtub Is the Highlight of Her NYC Bathroom

published Jan 3, 2024
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Turns out, Blake Lively has a bedroom even Serena van der Woodsen would be jealous of! As part of a 2023 recap post on Instagram, Lively shared a glimpse of her bedroom and bathroom (and an amazing gold jumpsuit). Although the jumpsuit is the highlight of the photo, it’s easy to get distracted by the sneak peeks at her home in the background.

The Gossip Girl star and her husband and fellow actor Ryan Reynolds live in an apartment with their children in New York, but there’s been little to no photos that display the inside of their glamorous Manhattan home. “Yes I low key moonlight as an interior designer but please don’t tell bc I definitely don’t want the world to know that I have a hidden talent which I require external validation on,” she comedically captioned her Instagram post.

And Lively isn’t lying. If you take a look at the ceiling and walls, it’s clear that the acting duo has a taste for rustic design. The couple’s bed has a velvety green bed frame with light brown and green sheets, and above the bed, there’s a painting in a golden frame and pair of gold-and-white wall sconces. As if that’s not enough gold accents, the chandelier in the top left corner of Lively’s photo brings the entire room together.

Behind her, you can peek into their bathroom, but there’s not much to see besides a marble bathtub and a multi-colored rug. One person commented on her Instagram post, “Excuse me ma’am, would you mind scooting over so I can see the bathroom? Thx.” And they’re right — the bathroom’s wooden entryway is arguably the star of the show, and it deserves to be shown off. 

Others in the comment section said that they’re “dying to see a house tour,” since Lively and Reynolds haven’t starred in an Architectural Digest video. Even the official Instagram account for MTV commented that the couple is “invited to #MTVCribs.” The show recently wrapped up its 19th season last month, so the duo could take them up on that offer.

In case there isn’t a tour in the future of the Lively-Reynolds household, at least this glimpse of their bedroom proves that they have good taste.