Blake's Byte Cellar Workstation With 4 Different Monitors

Blake's Byte Cellar Workstation With 4 Different Monitors

Range Govindan
Nov 18, 2010

When you're setting up a multi-monitor workstation, it's not everyone that can just get 2-4 at the same time. It also begs the question on what to do with your other older monitors. Should you throw them out or find innovative ways of using them? This workstation features four monitors of different sizes that are all plugged into the same computer.

This patchwork display solution belongs to Blake Patterson. All four monitors are connected to the same quad-core Mac Pro using two video cards. If you're wondering, he purchased that Mac in 2006. Both of his video cards, a GeForce 8800 GT and a GeForce 7300 feature two outputs, meaning that each one can support two monitors.

The monitors include a 30-inch Apple Cinema Display, a 23-inch, a 20-inch, and a 17 inch monitor. Tucked away underneath the main monitor, you'll find some iPods and iPhones. Blake is a tech enthusiast, and he's got a bunch of old computers on a long desk behind his main workstation. They include a Silicon Graphics SGI2, Atari 520ST, Amiga 1200, Commodore 64C, Apple Lisa2, and more computers. There are also a bunch of video game consoles stashed away.

Right above his workstation, you'll find a poster of Princess Leia in her Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi Jabba the Hut slave-girl getup. His ceiling features a whimsical recreation of the classic Atari game Asteroids, probably done in a Sharpie.

All in all, this dedicated home office, which Blake calls the Byte Cellar, is filled with interesting technology. What we like is the fact that he's using a Mac Pro from four years ago, which shows how long you can use some desktops nowadays. There's no need to upgrade every year or so, if you purchase the right one. While it's somewhat cluttered, it's not overwhelming, giving the impression that it's used quite often.

[all photos by Blake Patterson, via CC License]

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