Hot Sleepers Can Finally Sleep Comfortably Through the Night With This Cooling Weighted Blanket

published Dec 23, 2018
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Are you one of those people who cannot sleep without the fan on? It might be below 20 °F degrees outside, but you still need your fan on to sleep peacefully. Some of us need the added coolness when we are all bundled up during the winter. Did you know that your body changing temperatures while you sleep (think: waking up at 3 AM drenched in sweat) has to do with the overall quality of your sleep.

Sleep occurs when your core temperature is dropping during a normal circadian rhythm. The average adult’s lowest temperature is around 5 AM or roughly two hours before they wake up. Sleeping in a room that is too cold or too hot will impact how you sleep. There is an ideal temp to keep your room when sleeping, which is between 60 and 67 °F degrees. So, sleeping with a fan on might help you maintain the same body temperature throughout the duration of your sleep cycle.

(Image credit: BlanQuil)

If you’re not into the idea of sleeping with a fan to keep cool while you sleep, you might want to consider trying a cooling weighted blanket. Hot sleepers can finally rejoice! BlanQuil has a cooling version of their weighted blanket. This is the perfect nighttime solution for hot sleepers and those who suffer from anxiety. Hopefully, there won’t be many more restless nights ahead of you!

The BlanQuil Chill weighted blanket uses fabric to usher away and disperse body heat, which creates the sensation of coolness. It also uses ultra-breathable fabric to wick away moisture and absorb body heat. The blanket is cool to the touch and it said to cool you down in just the first 15 minutes of use. Per the blanket’s design, that instant coolness is what will help lull you right to sleep. It was made with those who sweat at night in mind, though it is also great for people who live in a warmer climate or people who just want a “chill” sensation when they’re resting.

(Image credit: BlanQuil)

One reviewer gave it five stars and said:

Better than I expected
I had never heard of a weighted blanket before my sister in law got this one for me for my birthday. At first I wasn’t all that excited by it. A heavy blanket? Okay. But it’s actually really cool. It reminds me of that snug feeling you get when the desntist puts the lead apron on you when you get X-rays—feels safe or something. Plus this one really does feel cool to the touch which is nice for me because I get hot. I’m going to get one for my wife so she stops taking mine.

The Chill Cooling BlanQuil Quilted Weighted is available on BlanQuil’s website for $249 (it is currently on sale and normally retails for $299). The blankets measure to 48″ x 74″ and comes in two different weights – 15 pounds or 20 pounds. You can purchase BlanQuil’s regular weighted blanket for $169 in four different colors: taupe, grey, charcoal, and navy.