This Movie Trivia Board Game is Packaged Like a Blockbuster VHS Tape

published Jul 5, 2020
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For those still nostalgic for the golden days of perusing the shelves inside of a Blockbuster—yellow painted walls and carpeted floors, and all—one particular board game might be the next best thing to recapturing that magic. Big Potato Games’ Blockbuster Party Game is a board game that puts players’ movie knowledge to the test. Advertised for “anyone who has ever seen a movie,” the game is for adults and teenagers alike—and its package invokes a ‘90s relic that precedes the era of streaming: a Blockbuster VHS case. 

Available for $19.99 at Target and Walmart, Blockbuster Party Game requires four or more players. First, assemble the Blockbuster parking lot and form two teams. From there, players square off in a head-to-head buzzer round—where a member from each team must rapidly guess a movie title to match its description in various categories before time runs out. Next, there’s triple charades jeopardy; players must grab three movie cards and use one of three methods—using one word, quoting a movie line, or acting it out—to get their team members to guess the film within 30 seconds. 

In line with its Blockbuster theme, all of the cards are printed in the image of VHS tapes. The game comes with over 200 cards, an electronic timer (batteries not included), one gameboard, and a Blockbuster sign. “Star Trek,” “The Matrix,” “Ratatouille,” and “Lost in Translation” are just a few of the hundreds of film titles in the game. And, like the tagline suggests, the game is for “anyone who has ever seen a movie”—not just cinephiles. One reviewer wrote on Target’s site, “I’m by no means a movie buff and I still had so much fun with this game.”

Blockbuster Party Game could be a fun way to bond with family members or roommates in quarantine—especially when it feels like you’ve streamed just about every film and TV show within the last few months.