Look!: My Marrakesh

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One of our regular readers, Maryam, started a new blog in Marrakesh, Morocco back in August. Her first entry on My Marrakesh gives us a glimpse into her story abroad:

Once upon a time…
in a kingdom far, far away (not kidding about the kingdom part), an American couple with two children decided to eschew any plans that they might have had for a house with a white picket fence (do people still have those?) and move to a city that was not their own. This blog is their tale to make that city their home, to make it their Marrakesh.

Since then, Maryam has blogged about home design/decor, land and landscaping, and all things related to making a new house and a new city one’s home. Given yesterday’s question from a reader desiring a Moroccan-inspired bedroom, maybe Shannon would like to take a peek at Maryam’s finds: poufs, wall hangings, lights and more.

We’re looking forward to watching more events and ideas unfold in Marrakesh!