Behind the Blog: swissmiss

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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She makes us look. Graphic designer and blogger extraordinaire, swissmiss, dedicates her blog to good design and “things that make her look.” So, we asked her to share her home office with us, so we could get a peek inside her mind and see where the magic happens. Yes, her home office is based out of her bedroom, and just like her fabulous blog, her space is well-edited, carefully chosen, and downright beautiful. Click through to see what she has to say about her office.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What’s always found on your workspace? My laptop. My cellphone. A cable to download pictures from my digital cameras.

Favorite thing about your workspace?
My desk is tiny which doesn’t allow for a mess. The bigger my desk, the more stuff I store on it.

I love to sit on the gym ball. It allows me to bounce to the music I am listening to and keeps me in motion. It’s supposed to be really good for your back.

What do you hate about your workspace?
I wish I had room to keep my scanner and printer right next to my desk. As I am working out of my bedroom, I decided to tuck them away
in my closet. I really do not want to look at them before I go to bed.
I wish I had a separate room for my office. Oh, the joys of living in small NYC apartments!

What inspires you to blog? Is it reflected in your workspace?
I am inspired by clean, simple design. I love to search for beautiful products, new smart designs and just ‘things that make me look’. I have an insatiable ‘visual hunger’ for everything design.

Desk: Chiasso
Chair: Gym Ball from Rebook
Drawer Unit: Crate and Barrel
Picture Frame: Pottery Barn
Illustration: Camilla Engman
Rug: Chiasso
Wooden Briefcase: MoMAstore
Poster: by Japanese Gaku Ohsugi

Thanks for the tour swissmiss!