Blogging a Green Lifestyle Experiment

Blogging a Green Lifestyle Experiment

Stephanie Kinnear
Jul 27, 2007

Could you live without your fridge for 287 days?

Really? Could you?

How about without a microwave for 353?

Yeah, we don't think we could either; which is probably why we find ourselves so helplessly addicted to Green as a Thistle.

Not only is Vanessa (the brilliant blogger behind said blog) doing these things, she's actually lived to tell about it. And, seriously? The girl has wit to spare.

The premise behind Green as a Thistle is that Vanessa will: "Spend each day, for an entire calendar year, doing one thing that betters the environment. The idea is that everything I do, I keep doing (so if I switch brands, it's a permanent switch; if I turn down my thermostat, I keep it down), so that by day 365, I'll be living as green a lifestyle as it gets."

And, whether she's doing something totally extreme, like selling her car, or something relatively minor, like switching dental floss, she tackles these trials with a truly endearing, self-effacing style.

She's not afraid to admit that she's human: She fully owns up to the fact that some of these changes will not last past day 365.

But she's also pretty inspiring.

I mean, if she can give up take-out for a year, we can certainly take our own reusable bags to the grocery store, right?

She's currently at day 148 (and still greening), so if you haven't visited her yet, hurry up! You've got some catching up to do.

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