Blogging BHG: August 2007

Blogging BHG: August 2007

Aug 22, 2007

We aren't the only ones thinking escapes...the August issue of Better Homes & Gardens has lots of great tips and tricks for families looking to have a little fun this summer.

Kathleen Leighton's article, On the Road Again is a great reminder that often what we remember best from our childhood isn't the destination, but the time we spent getting there, and who we were with on the road.

More great family oriented content from BHG, below:

In her article Give Me Liberty, author Chrystle Fiedler points out how to stop being a helicopter parent and how to enable your kids to take care of their own needs. Helicoptering, or the more recent incarnation, BlackHawking (where parents mow down everything in their child's path to clear the way) is a dangerously easy road to wander down, and Chrystle's suggestions of how to avoid it come directly from parents. A few of our favorites:
• Temper cell phone contact. If you are too accessible, kids won't learn how to handle stressful situations without you.
• Tell them it is okay to be nervous.
• Have the right attitude. Don't ask your kids if they were scared when they are apart from you (ie, at camp), because it teaches them that being away from their parents is unnatural, and possibly to be feared.

Finally, the whole food section of this month's BHG is making us long for ice cream. Look at those Tropical Treat Sandwiches, at right, and tell us you aren't longing for a bite. Just 5 ingredients, and perfect for a hot summer night. We are also looking forward to serving kids Tasting Trios - desserts served in shot glasses, which, if you can get past the alcohol association, are the perfect size to give kids a sweet taste of dessert, without overloading them with empty calories. Of course, if you want more dessert, the Chocolate Cupcake Ice Cream Sandwich recipe might be more your speed.

Hmm...suddenly, we have an intense need to go make some ice cream. Thanks, BHG!

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