Blogging Big Babies

Blogging Big Babies

Feb 6, 2007

That's one big baby. Last week, a baby was born in Cancun, Mexico weighing 14.5 pounds. Nicknamed Super Tonio, the baby is doing fine, as is the mother.

After initial shock at hearing the birth weight (about twice that of an average baby) and reassuring ourselves that both mother and baby were healthy, we started pondering the design ramifications of big babies.

And realizing that there really aren't any.

Apart from not being able to use those newborn-size diapers, baby products are well suited to all sizes, shapes, and personalities of babies -- from the biggest to the smallest. Snaps and straps are added to strollers and carriers to allow for size adjustment, and carseats and cribs also allow room to grow.

Perhaps adult designers could learn from the baby industry. After all, adults vary widely in size and shape, too, from the very short to the very wide. As well as the elderly, pregnant, and disabled. Yet chairs, cars, airplane seats -- heck, everything -- is geared to the average-sized adult.

Lucky for Super Tonio he's a baby. If he were that oversized as an adult, the world would be a difficult place indeed.

(For those interested, the image is of a sculpture called "Big Baby" by artist Nina Levy.)

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