Blogging the Boston Globe: They May Be Young, but They Know What They Want

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How many 11-year-olds can say they have complete design control over their bedroom and the items that go in them? More and more, the answer is — well, more and more. In the article, They May Be Young, but They Know What They Want, the Boston Globe’s Suzanne Ryan examines this growing trend.

The article asks, “Who needs Martha Stewart? In an era bursting with home-design magazines, catalogs , websites , and television shows, Americans have gotten quite cozy with their inner designer. But while adults may focus on the kitchen or bathroom, a growing number of teens and tweens (8- to 12-year-olds) are pushing to have their space — the bedroom — made over as well.”

Ryan writes that the reason for tween’s desire to customize has been driven, in part, by technology such as iPods and MySpace — all which encourage personalization and customization. And it seems as though these changes and room “personalizations” do not come cheap. One sixth grader in the article had a custom closet built and a flat screen television installed as part of her room makeover.

Although we can’t imagine being able to convince our parents, at age 12, to paint our room lime green and follow it up by saying, “I thought it could set a different mood…I added texture to the wall with a feathered wreath” apparently, it is happening.

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