Blogging Chicago Public Radio: Housing Then and Now

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Life in Chicago has taught me that even if you don’t move, the city moves around you. Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich

Yesterday we caught an interesting episode of Eight Forty-Eight on Chicago Public Radio. For their 10th anniversary, the local show is looking back. Yesterday they examined how housing has changed in Chicago over the past decade. Our favorite segment was an Op-Ed from Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich, who reflected on staying in the same Chicago apartment for 15 years.

Living in Lincoln Park, just a few blocks from Cabrini Green, Schmich witnessed some of the most dramatic changes in the cityscape. Through her Tribune job, she saw two sides of the story, living in an affluent neighborhood while interviewing CHA residents who lived through crime, changing community structures, and displacement.

A hefty portion of the show focused on public housing, with perspectives from CHA residents, activists, and Development Director Carl Byrd. We came away with a reinforced idea of the difficulties facing some CHA residents living through the city’s controversial Plan for Transformation. To hear the whole story, download the podcast here.

Top Image: 1999 Library of Congress aerial photo of Cabrini Green via Wikipedia