Blogging DIY Network: Green Me Up

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How green can your home be? That is the question the DIY Network asks in their recently aired hour-long special Green Me Up.

Two families, the Willises and Petersons, are pitted against each other to see who can transform their home into greener pastures in one month’s time. At the end of the month, their homes were judged by Tom Watson, a Seattle green expert with the winning family receiving an electric car.

In order to help jump start their green living, both families had three days to implement as many changes as possible where they were assisted by contractors and the show’s co-hosts. They were also given over $10,000 worth of green products. After the three days, the rest of the “greenification” was completely up to the families.

Some of the solutions for both homes included installing dual-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, Energy Star appliances — which meet strict guidelines set by the EPA — insulating the attic using materials made from 80 percent recycled paper and something as simple as changing light bulbs.

Did you happen to catch Green Me Up? Were there any tips given which you already implement in your home or are thinking about doing? Do you think you could make your home greener?

The special will air again on August 5th and 6th.