Blogging Domino: 04.07 – Michael Bargo’s Small Space

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thanks, Domino. Perfect timing for Small Cool month on AT. Interior designer Michael Bargo’s place is 475 square feet and the Domino piece on it is full of good small space advice…

Big furniture in a small area is fine – it makes the space more interesting.

Multiple small “hangout” areas are preferable to one main formal living area. It is improves flow and keeps the eye moving around.

Hide clutter artfully behind painted canvases or screens. Bargo painted canvases which hang in front of a few shelves of his bookcase, hiding less attractive contents.

Stay light!

Custom made works great for small space furnishings. Hidden storage can be built in, such as Bargo’s dining banquettes, with room under the cushions.

For more details and the rest of Michael’s tips, see the April issue of Domino.