Birthdays without Pressure

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There was a time when birthdays were fairly simple affairs – a few friends, a cake, maybe some pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Unfortunately, among some parents and in certain communities, celebrating a child’s birthday has become expensive and “out of control.”

We read about Birthdays Without Pressure in the latest issue of Domino. The organization is made up of parents and professionals in St. Paul Minnesota who believe birthday parties are getting out of hand – renting llamas, birthday registries, “half-birthday parties,” and they’re trying to initiate a national conversation about it. For many parents, throwing a birthday party has become extremely stressful and, for some kids, they’re becoming spoiled by more and more extravagant parties.

A sampling of what you’ll find on the Birthdays Without Pressure website:

  • Examples of how birthdays are getting “out of control.”
  • A Birthday Pressure Quiz to take.
  • A chance to rate the birthday party scene in your community.
  • Ideas and resources to “stop the insanity.”

Can you relate to birthday pressure? Have you seen examples of “out of control” birthdays in your community? Share your experiences in the comments.