Blogging Domino: Sexism with Electronics

Blogging Domino: Sexism with Electronics

Sonia Zjawinski
Aug 20, 2008

This month's Domino had a great idea for hiding televisions, but just a few pages back, in a story for their Decorating: Small Spaces section, the editors get a bit sexist about the role technology plays in our homes.

Now maybe we're being a bit sensitive here, or we're over analyzing their pull-quote, but "TV-centric, man lair"? We looked and looked, and we're not sure what made this space specifically a man lair? Were the editors at Domino suggesting that because the focal point of the space was the media center it was automatically more butch?

To us, the room just looks disorganized and lacks décor finesse, but in no ways does it scream dude -- unless we just can't see the Budweiser neon sign and dogs playing poker poster.

In our opinion there's nothing wrong with making your TV the focal point of the room if you do it with the right décor and the right TV...

Piling all your components on top of each other on the floor and leaving wires around the room to be tripped on gives your TV a bad name, but if you create a system that's well organized and has just the right amount of non tech accessories, you can turn your media center into a space that doesn't just force eyes to it, but lures them over.

Now there are plenty of good looking TVs out there, we've even covered a few of them on Unplggd. What boob tubes have you been eying to up the good looks quota in your house?

This Hal TV, posted by Gregory back in June, may be one of our faves. Too bad it's just a concept for now.

Photos: Domino and Tej Chauhan

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