Blogging GOOD Magazine: The Private Life of Trash

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

OK, so it’s a photo of someone’s garbage.

That was our first thought when we saw The Private Life of Trash, 52 images of artist Katherine Hubbard’s weekly trash, in this month’s issue of GOOD Magazine.

Then we thought: That doesn’t look like what our trash would look like, does it?

And, then we thought: I wonder what our trash would look like?

Which (cue light bulb), we suppose, is kind of Hubbard’s point!

Even if it’s not realistic, how useful would it be to require every American household to replicate Hubbard’s experiment? Even if only for a week or two? To just stop and look at the all the waste we create (4.5 pounds per person every day, according to GOOD).

And then ask ourselves: How can we throw out less?

It’s a good question to mull over every once in a while … even if we aren’t prepared to turn our trash into a photography exhibit.

What would your weekly trash look like? A mountain or a molehill?