Blogging Junior Magazine: Rebel Toddler

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Rebel, rebel! Is your toddler suddenly going against every request you make? Does the following statement sound all too familiar? “Jenna rebels about absolutely everything…and she doesn’t necessarily have a tantrum as such: sometimes she even appears to be listening to what I’m saying, but then she’ll just go off and do exactly what she was going to do anyway.”

Junior Magazine‘s July article Rebel Toddlers by Rachel Ragg discusses our toddler’s need to test boundaries and limits.

Ragg examines a new breed of toddlers — they don’t throw tantrums, but they won’t do what you ask either. Is this due to overindulgence or are our kids just getting too smart for their own good?

Psychologist Mallory Henson believes it’s merely a development stage that a child must simply go through. If it sounds like teenage behavior, we’re not surprised since Henson believes that this toddler behavior is likely to rear its head again, once our little ones are teenagers.

Child psychologist Simon Cusworth, on the other hand, thinks children are born more rebellious due to physiological reasons. Apparently, if your child has a hypersensitive amygdala (the part of the brain which controls emotional responses) their rebellion is simply a manifestation of that.

Should we just shrug it off and accept their rebellious nature and know it is fleeting or try to change their ways now before it’s too late?