Blogging KUOW: How Do You Use Your TV?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

How do you use your TV? How does your TV use you?

That was the topic of The Conversation on Seattle’s local NPR station, KUOW. The callers ranged from TV fans to TV phobes, but what struck us were the middle-of-the-roaders.

That is, those who embraced television, but found ways to limit its impact on their life. One caller insisted that the only room in her home with a television was the basement. She used this to deter herself and her family from watching too much TV, stating “no one wants to go down to the basement by themselves.” This made us wonder, in small spaces where we don’t have the luxury of a dedicated space, does the TV invade too much of our lives? Or do we have to eliminate it entirely, in order to have a peaceful existence.

Let us know how you live with television, does it use you or do you use it? Does the TV live in your living room, or have you found an alternative?

(Photo courtesy of Juliana T.)