Blogging Lin's Bin: Why Have Kids?

Blogging Lin's Bin: Why Have Kids?

Alejandra Valera
May 27, 2008

Lin Brehmer, of the Chicago radio station WXRT, answers listener questions twice a week on his show Lin's Bin. Recently he was asked, "Why do we have children?" What is the point of parenthood? Brehmer begins, "There is no blueprint for parenthood, and if some expert tries to offer one, he is a charlatan."

In his clever podcast, Brehmer reminds us that there are a multitude of reasons for having children and we've all discussed them. Once our child arrives, however, all our thoughts and planning seem to fly out the window, "One thing is for certain, your child will rebel as much as you did -- and if he's clever, more than you did."

He continues, "Our reason takes backseat to our love. When the nurse says you can take him home now all knowledge disappears...A tabula rasa child with blank slate parents...Children thrive in spite of us...There are exceptional children with lousy parents, so don't spend too much time congratulating yourself. There are delinquent children with saintly parents, so don't torture yourself with blame."

So what is Lin Brehmer's final verdict? Why do we have children? He replies, "Don't tell me you anticipated a parent's love. You didn't. You had no idea."

What do you think? Why do we have children?

Listen to the entire podcast, here.

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